Creating life connections.

We are a team of healthcare experts and technologists who believe in the power of technology to enhance our lives as we age. We are also granddaughters, grandsons, sons, daughters, and parents who love our families. We wish we didn’t worry so much about how to best support and respect our aging family members. We started BellBird to create a new frame for aging – one that honors individuals and enables connection. This connection is the foundation for BellBird, a new model for independent living and aging at home.  

Our model has proven to reduce the need for personal care and is more affordable, encompassing, and empowering for families. Everyday we strive to make it possible for all of us to live vibrantly and maintain our quality of life as we age. We are living this too and know how frustrating it can be to navigate life changes as a family without a trusted guide. We hope our services will allow you to exhale a little and appreciate the dynamism and beauty of life and family.