Unbiased Recommendations.

Know what supports are needed when. We combine a comprehensive aging-in-place assessment and ongoing tracking with easy access to recommended supports.

Real-Time Information.

Know how things are going, when to back off, and when additional attention or support may be needed. Get access to objective data about risks and interventions.

Time to Breathe.

Focus on the important things and let us take care of managing tasks, services, and paperwork. We make it easy to access the supports your family member needs and coordinate services across providers so you have greater peace of mind.

Connected Supports for Aging-in-Place

BellBird provides a platform for connecting to all the supports you need to successfully age in place. Including, but not limited to the following:


Residential preferences

  • Advance care planning

  • Financial planning

  • Home modifications

  • Dealing with stuff

  • End-of-life documents
  • Technology Adoption

    Purchase of enabling devices

  • Technical assistance to connect to online services, classes, and entertainment

  • Technical assistance with setup and installation of safe home, remote monitoring, and assistive devices
  • Health & Well-Being

    On-demand task scheduling

  • Online learning and exercise classes

  • Safe driving monitoring

  • Remote health monitoring

  • Emergency alert system

  • Virtual primary and mental health care

  • Real-time advance care decision support
  • Performance Capacity

    Brain health

  • Balance strengthening

  • Safe home supports

  • Voice-enabled assists

  • Handling of household tasks and chores

  • In-home services and care

  • Coordination and communication across providers