How It Works

Get a personalized action plan for successful aging in place.

Step 1: Get the Facts
Complete the free online assessment for yourself or your parent. Ask us to arrange an optional home safety evaluation from an occupational therapist to assess the safety of the home living environment. Denial is our fiercest competitor.

Step 2: Sign Up for a 3-Month Trial
Sign up for the Basic Plan and give us 3-months to build a relationship and break through any residual resistance or skepticism that may exist. After the 3-months, you will be presented with a personalized, step-by-step plan for addressing risks and improving success with aging at home.

Step 3: Exhale
Rest assured that you are doing what is needed to enable success with aging in place. And, without sacrificing individual dignity and agency.



per month

 Aging-in-place evaluation & tracking

Proactive, tech-enabled network of services and supports

On-demand remote tech support

(1 call/mo)

On-demand task scheduling

(2 calls/mo)

Automated text alerts



per month

Basic Plan plus:

Monthly video calls

& safety monitoring

More tech support
(3 calls/mo)

More task scheduling
(5 calls/mo)

Annual home safety evaluation



per month

Standard Plan plus:

Weekly video calls, daily status tracking,

& personalized activity monitoring

Full household management

Care coordination


Advance care decision support


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a free trial?   We offer free video consultations, but you’ll need to sign up before you can schedule services. 

Is there a set up fee?  We strongly recommend that clients purchase a remote care device to facilitate tasks and safe connections.  Depending on the needs and capabilities of the care recipient, the device can cost between $100-$500.

Are delivery and in-person services included in the monthly fee? You are responsible for paying for the cost of purchased items, any delivery fees, and rates for in-person services.  These costs are passed through to you 100%.  We do not apply a markup.