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Proactive Recommendations.

Increase your success with aging in place by documenting your preferences. We connect you to the supports you need to create a comprehensive elderhood plan, including financial planning, home modifications, advance care decisions, and end-of-life wishes.

Technical Support.

Stay connected to those you love. We provide the technical assistance you need to use new devices and connect with online services.

Injury Prevention.

Enable a higher quality of life by connecting with tech-enabled supports that enhance safety and physical and mental health.

Personalized Options.

Enable a higher quality of life by increasing your awareness of options for getting things done and how and when to access them. BellBird's On-Demand Task Scheduling connects you with online supports and services that make it easier to stay independent longer.

Connected Supports for Aging-in-Place

BellBird provides a platform for connecting to all the supports you need to successfully age in place. Including, but not limited to the following:


Residential preferences

  • Advance care planning

  • Financial planning

  • Home modifications

  • Dealing with stuff

  • End-of-life documents
  • Technology Adoption

    Purchase of enabling devices

  • Technical assistance to connect to online services, classes, and entertainment

  • Technical assistance with setup and installation of safe home, remote monitoring, and assistive devices
  • Health & Well-Being

    On-demand task scheduling

  • Online learning and exercise classes

  • Safe driving monitoring

  • Remote health monitoring

  • Emergency alert system

  • Virtual primary and mental health care

  • Real-time advance care decision support
  • Performance Capacity

    Brain health

  • Balance strengthening

  • Safe home supports

  • Voice-enabled assists

  • Handling of household tasks and chores

  • In-home services and care

  • Coordination and communication across providers